Panda USB Vaccine

Panda USB Vaccine Beta

Vaccinate your USB device against viruses


  • Easy to use
  • No installation required
  • No difficult configuration


  • Prevents infection, but doesn't clean it

Not bad

This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Panda Cloud Antivirus instead.

Email attachments and suspicious websites are not the only way to get a virus on your computer. USB memory devices are equally dangerous!

With Panda USB Vaccine you can protect both your system and your USB memory devices from any possible virus infections. The vaccination works by disabling the autorun option on the computer, and the autorun.inf functionality in the case of USB devices. These two are the most widely used mechanisms to infect computers via USB devices.

Panda USB Vaccine doesn't require installation and is very easy to use. Simply click the Vaccinate button to protect your computer, your USB key or both. If you ever want to disable the vaccination to restore the autorun functionality, click the Remove vaccine button.

There's only one thing you must bear in mind when using this tool: it's meant to protect your system from possible infections, but it doesn't clean it up if you're already infected.

With Panda USB Vaccine you can easily protect your system and external devices from viruses spread through USB memory drives.

Panda USB Vaccine


Panda USB Vaccine Beta

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